An Indigestible Party

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The Timid Ape: An Indigestible Party
by Alejandro Ayala Polanco

Ilustrations by Marjorie Valencia English
Translation by Rita Ruz

Short Story: There was a solitary little ape, who never went to his chimpanzee friends’ parties.. It could not be otherwise. The gorilla was vegan and never would eat another animal. But one of those days, tired of being told he was a loser, the ape decided to attend.

Paperback: 4 pages
Dimensions: 14×14 cms
Suggested: children around 6 years


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Tales of The Timid Ape show the diverse challenges that must face an ape living in a chimpanzees village. The aim is to plot situations that vegan children may face within a non-vegan society, facilitating the approach of parents and educators.

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